Pictures from the Seaside Heights AVP qualifier
taken by Rich Schaub.

Many thanks to Rich for coming out and taking some great pictures of Team VolleyChick in Seaside.

rsp_6315_small.jpg rsp_6030_small.jpg rsp_6033_small.jpg rsp_6036_small.jpg
rsp_6043_small.jpg rsp_6050_small.jpg rsp_6054_small.jpg rsp_6061_small.jpg
rsp_6065_small.jpg rsp_6074_small.jpg rsp_6076_small.jpg rsp_6080_small.jpg
rsp_6088_small.jpg rsp_6093_small.jpg rsp_6096_small.jpg rsp_6101_small.jpg
rsp_6102_small.jpg rsp_6108_small.jpg rsp_6119_small.jpg rsp_6120_small.jpg
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